Soapbox Derby - Finish Line Composite

And here's my composite with all four teams and a track. This didn't include the finish line tape, but that will be added in later. Chris decided he preferred a smoother line for the road rather than the grassy edge, so the final image will probably use that instead.


Chris will be colorizing the art, and you can see one sample of it now on the Dice Hate Me website here.

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Soapbox Derby - Final Team Drawings

Here are the final drawings for each team.



Teams 3 and 4 are further back, and I decided to draw them at a smaller scale rather drawing them at the same size and shrinking them down later. That would have given them more detail, but the line thickness would be very thin. I preferred to have it look more like all parts of one drawing rather than a composite.


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Soapbox Derby - Finish Line

Here's another drawing of the finish line, this time with Team 1 and Team 2 neck and neck.


Also, another drawing of Team 2, trying to get a different angle.


Then I did this sketch in Photoshop (tracing a scanned pencil drawing) to try to get a final position of the two teams.


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Soapbox Derby - Team 1
Soapbox Derby - Team 3
Soapbox Derby - Finish Line Sketch
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